Tired dealing with errant auto rickshaw and cab drivers?

Tired dealing with errant auto rickshaw and cab drivers. There is no action against such drivers despite repeated pleas. You want to put a stop all this, you do not want to hear stuffs like – ‘Double meter madam’, ‘It’s 10 pm, so extra charge’, Destination is far, so a NO, Taken for long ride, even though the destination is close by and many more irritating behavior shown by unruly drivers. Then, you can download the BSafe mobile phone application, for a real time experience and bring such drivers into books.

The BSafe app provides you with various features like, you can calculate your fare and distance and also track your route live with the help of Google Maps. Things go wrong; a simple step will help you register a complaint against the cab or auto rickshaw driver.

Way to go with the app

Download the app and log into it with your email id. As you get into the vehicle, open the app, flash the camera against the QR code which can be seen on the Display card of the vehicle. As it is scanned, you will get the details of the vehicle and the driver. If this is not working, then you can always enter the vehicle registration number and there you have the details of the vehicle and its driver.

If the driver is found acting smart and behaving erratically, then you have various options, which can be seen on the app and select one of the suitable reason to register a complaint. As the complaint gets registered, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone.

At the end of it, you can rate your drive, which help us in generating feedback. If you have time, please leave in your comments about the vehicle and driver, which would help your fellow beings to take a drive. We know you rate your food everytime you eat, so now please rate your drive, everytime you step into the cab or autorickshaw.

Yes, we are more concerned about the women in the City and we do have a special feature called as ‘Panic Button’, by pressing this button at the time of distress, an SMS will be sent to the nearest cop on duty and also to the nearest patrolling vehicle and police station, who will be there at the spot, to your rescue (something like a Superman). Now ask us how, the cops will know your route? Be surprised, the moment you log into the app, you will have an option to turn on the GPS and this will be tracked at the traffic centre and the cops will track your ride until you have reached safe. This will help us know your location.

Please remember, this is not invading privacy but just to keep you safe and secure.

Do not keep ranting about the drivers and their attitude, help us in getting them into line. So go ahead download the app and do suggest it for your dear and near ones.